Friday’s NBA Playoff Action: Some Good and Some Bad

Both games from last night’s NBA playoff action saw a Tech player play important minutes. Chris Bosh had a huge game for the Heat in their road win over the Bulls while Jarrett Jack struggled in Golden State’s return home. Both teams got more than they expected and had to put up a fight in two tough games yesterday.

The Miami Heat went on the road to the United Center in Chicago, where the Bulls seemed to care more about fouling than playing basketball. I understand most teams dislike the Heat due to their already anointed championship by ESPN, but turning the game into a brawl does nothing but make life worse for your team. Trying to play physical basketball against Lebron, Wade, and Bosh does nothing but help their game and gives them more chances at drawing fouls. The more embarrassing part for the Bulls is that they continue to assert their aggression with their most important players. Joakim Noah is the one player in this series that could actually win some games for the Heat yet he can’t control his temper. If he learned something from Lebron instead of trying to fight him, they might have actually won last night. Enough of my banter though, and on to the stats. In the Heat’s 104-94 win, Chris Bosh had one of his best games of the season. He had a monster double-double with 20 points and 19 rebounds while also adding 4 assists and 2 blocks. If he can consistently manage games somewhat close to that, the Heat will be also impossible to beat in a 4 game series. Lebron and Wade will show up when it matters and they need a post player (Bosh) to play to the occasion as well. The next game in the series will be on Sunday and it will surely be another football game on hardwood.

The Warriors were unable to fare as well as the Heat did last night, losing 102-92 at home. The first two games of the series went in favor of the Warriors as most people didn’t expect them to go 1-1 and the loss be in double overtime. They had all of the momentum heading into this game and I’m sure they expected a big win last night. They were unable to score at a consistent pace, however, and it showed when the game came down to the last few minutes. Stephen Curry suffered what seemed to be a foot or ankle injury in the 4th quarter, which meant Jarrett Jack finally had an opportunity to complete take over. It went quite the opposite of that though, and the Warriors lost. In the last two minutes of the game, Jack had an air ball off of a rushed shot attempt and a turnover on an ill advised pass. The Warriors were unable to get good looks when Jack had the ball in his hands, so hopefully he’ll come out ready to make up for his mistakes on Sunday. The Spurs regained the series advantage and the Warriors will need to win the next game if they want to have any chance of winning the series.