Charlie Blackmon Gets Called Up

When Michael Cuddyer went on the 15-day DL with a neck injury, the Colorado Rockies called up Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon had a very nice spring for the Rockies, showing solid power and getting on base. He’s also played well in his recent stints in the majors, so all of the signs pointed to him playing well when he got the chance.

Blackmon certainly contributed yesterday when he did this. In his four plate appearances against the Cardinals, he went 2-4 with a HR and 2 RBIs. This was as good of a start as he could have imagined for, and he needs to continue to play well if he wants to see extended time on the team. Right now he will be sent back to the minors when Cuddyer comes off the DL, so he’ll need to make a major impression on the team if he wants that to change.


Opening Day Roster Updates

Opening Day is now just two days away, which means nearly all major league rosters are set. Clearly players like Matt Wieters and Mark Teixeira (on DL) made their teams’ rosters, but there were a few other former Yellow Jackets fighting to make their teams.

Charlie Blackmon had an excellent spring for the Rockies, hitting .367 with an OPS of 1.072. He only had 30 ABs, but played well when given the opportunity. He had a lot of competition for the 5th OF spot though, and ultimately lost to Tyler Colvin, who was impressive in the majors last year. This doesn’t mean that Blackmon should have an issue seeing time in the majors though because he may very well get called up if someone in the Rockies OF goes down with an injury (every team deals with injuries).

Mike Nickeas had a chance to crack the Blue Jays roster, but he was unable to impress during Spring Training. He was only able to hit .200 in his 40 ABs, which wasn’t enough to get a roster spot. He may get called up in September when the rosters expand to 40 players, but he needs to perform well in the minors since he hasn’t at the major league level so far.

Blake Wood was placed on the 60 day DL by the Indians a couple weeks back since he had Tommy John Surgery half way through last season. He won’t play for a while, but he should get some appearances late in the summer after he hopefully makes a full recovery.

Now that Teixeira is on the DL and out for quite a while, Matt Wieters is the only active major league player from Georgia Tech. That’s very surprising given the program’s success, but there are a few players in the minors with potential so it won’t be too long before that changes. I’ll also frequently be doing updates for Wieters and any other Tech players who make the majors, so come back to see how everyone is playing. Since Wieters is the only Tech player who will be opening up the season in the majors, does anyone have any predictions for his numbers this season?