Top Ten Tech NFL Players- #1 Calvin Johnson

Now that we are deep into the NFL offseason, let’s go back and take a look at the Tech players who performed the best on the field last season. I believe the most informative and exciting way to do this is to make a Top 10 list, counting down from 10 to 1. I’ll post one player a day for the next ten weekdays, so make sure to keep up and share your opinions by commenting below. The number one player on this list, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise, is Calvin Johnson, a WR for the Detroit Lions.

Calvin Johnson was drafted by the Detroit Lions with the second pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Through his first 7 years in the NFL, he has turned into the best WR in the league. He has caught 488 balls for 7,836 yards and 54 TDs during that time span, making him one of the most dynamic football players in the game. Those are ridiculous numbers when you take into account the teams he has played on and some of the QB play he has had to deal with.

Through his first six seasons, he was arguably the best WR in the league. After last year, however, there is no debate. Although the Lions weren’t very good, Johnson was able to catch 122 passes for 1,964 yards and 5 TDs. The 1,964 receiving yards he had were the most by a WR in a single season in NFL history. Below is a highlight video from his record breaking season.

Now that the Lions have added Reggie Bush (a solid every down back) and Matthew Stafford has been healthy for two seasons, Calvin Johnson should continue to dominate the league. He is only 27 and is an athletic freak, which means he should still play for at least another 7 years or so. If he continues to stay healthy, he has all the tools to become the second greatest WR of all time. There are some very good players ahead of him, but none of them were as dominant as Johnson has been with the exception of Jerry Rice. Calvin Johnson was consistently double and sometimes tripled teamed each game and he still broke the receiving yards record. Think about that for a second. After his performance last season, I can’t see any realistic way he will be knocked off the top spot on this list anytime in the near future. Below are the rankings so far.

#10 Vance Walker- Atlanta Falcons

#9 Jonathan Dwyer- Pittsburgh Steelers

#8 Dawan Landry- Jacksonville Jaguars

#7 Derrick Morgan- Tennessee Titans

#6 Daryl Smith- Jacksonville Jaguars

#5 Philip Wheeler- Oakland Raiders

#4 Morgan Burnett- Green Bay Packers

#3 Michael Johnson- Cincinnati Bengals

#2 Demaryius Thomas- Denver Broncos

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