Dawan Landry Signs With the Jets

A few weeks back, Dawan Landry visited with the Jets. It seemed like a reasonable fit since the Jets had a hole at safety after releasing Dawan’s brother, Laron. Apparently the Jets also agreed and signed Landry today. The terms of the deal have not yet been announced, but it’s probably a one or two year deal.

Landry didn’t have a great year with the Jaguars last season, but most of that was due to the lack of QB pressure by the defensive line. The Jags didn’t have much talent on their team and it contributed to Dawan’s down year. Now he should play better with an improved defensive line and better coaching. Playing under Rex Ryan and on a better team will improve his play next season.


Dawan Landry to the Jets?



Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting that Dawan Landry visited the Jets yesterday afternoon. This is by no means a surprising location for Landry, since the Jets have a hole at the position after letting Dawan’s brother, Laron, leave in FA. If he were to sign with the Jets, he would settle in nicely, playing with a team that can generate a better pass rush than his former team, the Jaguars. That would allow him to play more instinctively instead of trying to cover people for longer than 3-4 seconds. He played well in Jacksonville the last two seasons, but his contract was ultimately too large for a rebuilding team to keep. Hopefully he gets a multiyear contract with a reasonable amount of money that will allow him to stick around for a while. I’ll let you know when I here anything definite about him signing with a team.

Top 10 Tech NFL Players- #8 Dawan Landry

Now that we are deep into the NFL offseason, let’s go back and take a look at the Tech players who performed the best on the field last season. I believe the most informative and exciting way to do this is to make a Top 10 list, counting down from 10 to 1. I’ll post one player a day for the next ten weekdays, so make sure to keep up and share your opinions by commenting below. The next player we are going to talk about and the number eight player on this list is Dawan Landry, the former S of the Jacksonville Jaguars.



It’s incredibly ironic that Landry’s place on this list comes on the day he is released by the Jaguars, but it wasn’t because of his play on the field. He signed a five-year deal with the Jags two years ago and he performed well for them. Last year he accumulated 100 tackles and an interception while playing on a poor defense. His surrounding cast wasn’t very effective on the field, and it showed with Landry’s down numbers. Landry is incredibly durable as well, starting all 16 games last year. Availability is arguably the most important part of a player’s game and he has started every game in 6 of his 7 years in the league.

Landry lands at 8 on this list because he is a solid starting safety in the league, but isn’t as big of a game changer as the players ahead of him. He beats out Walker and Dwyer because he was a starter all year and was very consistent. If he signs with a playoff team this offseason, he has a chance to rise because of his improved supporting cast. However, he is getting older and his production has declined in recent years. He should still see quite a bit of playing time next year and I’d imagine he can earn a reasonable contract this offseason. Below are the rankings so far.

#10 Vance Walker- Atlanta Falcons

#9 Jonathan Dwyer- Pittsburgh Steelers

#8 Dawan Landry- Jacksonville Jaguars

Stats from ESPN.com.

Dawan Landry Released by the Jaguars

Today the Jaguars released Dawan Landry in order to save more cap space. This was definitely a cost outweighing performance cut for a team who is in full rebuilding mode. Landry played pretty well last year for the Jags, but they do not want to pay him the money he is guaranteed on the contract he signed two years ago. The Jags have a new GM and he has come in and immediately started to eliminate overplayed players. This also means Daryl Smith probably won’t be back with the Jags, as he is a top tier 4-3 OLB. I’ll keep everyone updated when I here more information about free agency. Remember, it starts on Tuesday at 4 P.M.