Augusta Weather Update

In the last few weeks the weather here in Georgia has fluctuated tremendously. We finally worked our way up to the 70s and then subsequently dropped back to 40 with wind and rain. Georgia’s weather can best be described as unpredictable, which makes many golf fans nervous this week. Fortunately, the golf world seems to be in position to get some lucky breaks.

Starting in the late afternoon tomorrow, there is a good chance of thunderstorms, but most of the players should be off the course by then. The rain should continue overnight and partially into Friday morning, but will subside in the afternoon. After that short round of showers, the weather through Sunday should be sunny and warm, setting up for a fantastic weekend of golf. The weather has been nice for the last few weeks, which also means the golf course should be in full bloom and in excellent condition.

It looks like the weather is setting up for a perfect Sunday at the Masters. If the tournament plays out like many expect it to (Tiger, McIlroy, Kuchar and others near the top), then this may very well be a Masters to remember.