GT Pros Is Taking a Break


Over the last few months I’ve had a great time writing about Georgia Tech and it’s former athletes, but I think it’s time to take a break. Between summer classes and FTRS writing, I have a lot going on and I really can’t put as much focus into the site as I’d like. With that said, I’d rather just stop posting for a little while so everyone knows the condition of the site.

I have every intent of writing again for GT Pros, but right now I just don’t want to slack on everything I’m doing. If you enjoyed the site or at least some of the posts, follow the site on the right side toolbar, so that way you’ll be notified when I decide to start writing again. Feel free to comment or rate this post as well depending on how you feel about the site. Again, I’ve really enjoyed writing on this site so far and I can’t wait to get back to work when time allows. Thanks for your time everybody!


FTRS Posts

In case you’re one of the few Georgia Tech fans who don’t know, From The Rumble Seat is Georgia Tech’s SB Nation blog. They do a fantastic job covering all of Tech’s sports teams and have been so generous to offer me a writing position there. Right now I’m doing a weekly GT Pros post, which is pretty straightforward considering that’s what I do here. I’ve also been doing some work on GT baseball and it’s really helped me develop more knowledge of the baseball program and its position for the future.

If you’re a frequent visitor of GT Pros, thank you for your support and I’m glad you enjoy the work I’ve put into the site. I would strongly recommend everyone to register on From The Rumble Seat, if you haven’t already so, and frequently check their site out because they all do a great job. There aren’t a ton of internet outlets for Georgia Tech news, but Tech fans are lucky there are some quality sites out there.

Here’s my most recent post from FTRS over the last week for Georgia Tech’s Pros.