Will Bynum Out for Remainder of the Season?

According to ESPN, Will Bynum injured his right hand on Saturday night and had an MRI yesterday. For those of you with ESPN Insider, here is the article. If you are unable to see the whole thing, Bynum told Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News his hand stings after physical contact. Goodwill goes on to add that the Pistons may shut him down for the remainder of the season if there is extensive damage to his hand.

As of today, the Pistons have 11 games left in the season and are out of the playoffs, so it would not make sense to risk further injuring his hand. Bynum is a free agent in the offseason and will want to be healthy so he can find a team. The post mentions that the Pistons will likely offer him a contract (which they should), but I don’t see Bynum returning. He’ll want to be healthy so he can find a new team where he can be the primary back up PG instead of getting useless minutes for a poor team. Hopefully Bynum’s MRI comes back negative and there is no serious damage to his hand.