Iman Shumpert Gets Another Primetime Game

Tonight at 7 P.M. on ESPN, the Knicks continue their road trip against the Atlanta Hawks. The Knicks will have a tougher game tonight than they did last night since the Hawks are healthier than the Heat. Carmelo Anthony will also come back to reality going against the Hawks talented front court defenders, which means players like J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert will need to have big games. This is one of the last times Tech fans will get to see Shumpert play before the playoffs start, so make sure you tune in tonight.


Thaddeus Young Returns To Atlanta

Tonight the Philadelphia 76ers visit Atlanta to play the Hawks, which means Thaddeus Young will be in town. The game starts at 7:30 and will be on SportSouth like usual. Young has averaged more than 30 minutes a game recently so he will often be on the court going against Kyle Korver or Josh Smith. Those are interesting matchups and ones I can’t wait to see!

NBA Nightly Update 2/27/13

Will Bynum- Bynum and the Pistons beat the Wizards by one on the road last night and this was Bynum’s first game back since his suspension. He played 14 minutes, but wasn’t productive, going 1-7 from the field and a 3/2 assist to turnover ratio. He should start to play better when he gets back to his regular minutes.

Derrick Favors- If you happened to watch the Hawks-Jazz game last night, you got a great look at Derrick Favors as a starter. Utah’s usual PF Paul Millsap was out for the game, so Favors took his place and had a stat line of 17 points, 15, rebounds,3 assists, and 3 blocks. He made the best of his opportunity and expect to see more performances like that next year when Millsap leaves in FA.

Jarrett Jack- Last night the Warriors played a great game against the Knicks but came up short on the road. Jack didn’t have a great shooting game, but he still scored 14 points off the bench. The real story though was Stephen Curry, who had the most points in an NBA game this season with 54.

Anthony Morrow- Dallas lost on the road last night against the Grizzlies, and Morrow did not see any game action.

Iman Shumpert- Shumpert was on the winning end of the Warriors-Knicks shootout. He started for the Knicks and got 22 minutes of playing time, but he was very inefficient on offense. Shumpert continued to prove why he is a valuable asset to the Knicks, however, by playing great defense and getting 6 steals.

Derrick Favors Sighting

Tonight the Atlanta Hawks go on the road to face the Utah Jazz, which means local fans will get a chance to see Derrick Favors. He is still coming off the bench since the Jazz failed to trade Paul Millsap at the deadline, but he should see some solid playing time tonight. The game is scheduled to start at 9 P.M. and will be on SportSouth. I can’t wait to see how he does against the Hawks’ excellent defensive frontcourt players.

Will Bynum Suspended Tonight Against Hawks

The NBA has suspended Will Bynum for one game after he punched Tyler Hansbrough in the stomach during Saturday night’s game against the Pacers. Although Tyler Hansbrough is quite annoying, this is still not something I want to see a former Yellow Jacket doing. Let’s hope Bynum learns his lesson from this punch and can move on. Below is a video of the punch that was thrown.

The other unfortunate consequence of the suspension is that we will not be able to see Bynum play against the Hawks tonight. The Hawks play the Pistons at 7:30 and that was the one interesting part of this otherwise boring matchup. This is also the last time the Hawks play the Pistons this year, so we will have to wait until next season to see him on television, since the Pistons won’t get a nationally televised game anytime soon.