NBA Nightly Update 4/4/13

Anthony Morrow- Morrow finally received meaningful minutes for the Mavericks tonight, which happened to come against one of the best teams in the West, the Denver Nuggets. In the 13 minutes he played, he went 3-5 from the floor and scored 7 points. He had an excellent game tonight, but the Mavericks are essentially knocked out of the playoffs. They’re 3 games back of the Lakers with 7 games left to play, which is almost impossible to make up. Morrow should see some more playing time in the last few days now that they are almost out of the playoffs.


NBA Playoff Update

The end of the NBA season is getting close and teams are fighting to make the playoffs. Some former Tech players have already clinched playoff spots while others are still battling it out for the last few seeds. Here’s an update on the players’ teams who are still in the playoff chase.

Eastern Conference

Chris Bosh- The Heat are obviously in the playoffs and will have home court advantage throughout the postseason. Their win streak certainly helped them distance themselves from the rest of the conference, but I don’t think anyone sees them losing until the Finals (that’s probably a stretch too).

Iman Shumpert- The Knicks are currently in a battle for the second seed in the East with the Pacers, but both teams should be pretty happy they will avoid the Heat until the Conference Finals. Shumpert has been playing well and it should be fun seeing the Knicks on tv in the playoffs. They play exciting basketball and I can see Shumpert making a name for himself this year. Last season he tore his ACL so he’ll be looking to come back strong.

Western Conference

Jarrett Jack- The Warriors are in position to get the 6th seed in the West, which would put them in position to probably play the Clippers or Nuggets. That’s an extremely tough task for them, but Jack should play an important role in that matchup. If he can continue his hot shooting, he’ll be a nice compliment to Curry and can keep them in the game. I’m personally most excited to see the Warriors play since they will have a shootout in their series and us East coasters haven’t gotten to see them play very much.

Derrick Favors- The Jazz have played well lately to get back into the 8th seed position. They are currently tied with the Lakers, but hold the head to head advantage. The Jazz have an easier schedule than the Lakers, since their two toughest games (Nuggets and Thunder) left are at home. They have been playing well and the Lakers haven’t, so their chances are greater than the Lakers of getting that last spot. Favors will need to play well down the stretch for them though, since their biggest strength is interior offense.

Anthony Morrow- The Mavericks are a game and a half behind the Jazz and Lakers, which means they are going to have to win almost every game left on their schedule, which should be pretty difficult given some of the teams they play. They have a game left with the Lakers, however, which should help them gain a game on them if they can pull that out.


NBA Nightly Update 3/28/13

Anthony Morrow- The Mavericks were blown out at home tonight by the Pacers, which means Morrow got some playing time. All of his minutes were meaningless, but he was still able to score 4 points. It’s nice seeing him score the ball in ways other than the 3 point shot since it adds value to his game. Despite playing well when given playing time however, he may not see many minutes the rest of the season since the Mavericks are still only a game and a half out of the 8th spot in the West.

NBA Nightly Update 3/10/13

Chris Bosh- The Heat extended their streak to 17 games in a row tonight, thanks in large part to Bosh. Lebron finally had a low scoring night and Bosh was able to take advantage of this. He scored 24 points while shooting an incredibly efficient 11-15 from the floor. He also added 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks to his impressive performance.

Will Bynum- As I’m writing this, the Pistons are getting destroyed on the road at the Clippers and there is no point in waiting for it to finish. At the moment, Bynum has 6 points and 2 assists in 13 minutes of action. Sadly, they are actually shooting well, but the Clippers are shooting over 60% and Chris Paul is having a fantastic game.

Anthony Morrow- Morrow finally got playing time tonight for the Mavericks, but it came in a blowout. In his 2 minutes of playing time, he managed shoot four shots, but only made one. He was understandably eager to impress the coaches, but I can’t imagine four shots in two minutes went down well with them after the game.

Thaddeus Young- Much like Bosh, Thaddeus Young had a huge night. Even though the 76ers lost, he posted a stat line of 26 points(13-17 from the field), 12 rebounds, 2 assists, and 5 blocks. This is his second straight game with over 20 points and he is really starting to heat up. The 76ers will start to piece together some wins when he can get some help from Holiday and Turner. Both haven’t been playing well of late and the team has had to rely on bench players to keep them in games.

NBA Nightly Update 2/27/13

Will Bynum- Bynum and the Pistons beat the Wizards by one on the road last night and this was Bynum’s first game back since his suspension. He played 14 minutes, but wasn’t productive, going 1-7 from the field and a 3/2 assist to turnover ratio. He should start to play better when he gets back to his regular minutes.

Derrick Favors- If you happened to watch the Hawks-Jazz game last night, you got a great look at Derrick Favors as a starter. Utah’s usual PF Paul Millsap was out for the game, so Favors took his place and had a stat line of 17 points, 15, rebounds,3 assists, and 3 blocks. He made the best of his opportunity and expect to see more performances like that next year when Millsap leaves in FA.

Jarrett Jack- Last night the Warriors played a great game against the Knicks but came up short on the road. Jack didn’t have a great shooting game, but he still scored 14 points off the bench. The real story though was Stephen Curry, who had the most points in an NBA game this season with 54.

Anthony Morrow- Dallas lost on the road last night against the Grizzlies, and Morrow did not see any game action.

Iman Shumpert- Shumpert was on the winning end of the Warriors-Knicks shootout. He started for the Knicks and got 22 minutes of playing time, but he was very inefficient on offense. Shumpert continued to prove why he is a valuable asset to the Knicks, however, by playing great defense and getting 6 steals.