GT Pros is Back! Here’s What You May Have Missed

After a stressful last two weeks, as any Tech grad or student would know, it is now time to get back to writing. There have been some very exciting news over the last two weeks, so hopefully this post covers everything!

The NFL Draft has come and gone and there wasn’t a single Georgia Tech player drafted. Although this draft was abnormally deep, it is still surprising to see guys like Uzzi, Barnes, and Sweeting go undrafted. Luckily for them, however, almost all have signed UDFA deals. Here’s a list of where everyone ended up with the exception of Uzzi, who has not signed with anyone as far as I know.

Orwin Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TJ Barnes- Jacksonville Jaguars

Rod Sweeting- New Orleans Saints

Tyler Morgan- Carolina Panthers

Izaan Cross- Buffalo Bills

In NBA news, Jarrett Jack and the Warriors were able to pull a major upset over the Denver Nuggets in the 1st round of the playoffs. They now have a date with the San Antonio Spurs in the 2nd round, which means Jack will have to be a big contributor off the bench. Curry will have a hard time keeping Parker out of the paint, which means Jack will have to be even more important on the defensive end. Chris Bosh and Iman Shumpert are also still alive in the playoffs. I expect the Heat to coast by the Bulls, but the Knicks will have a very tough time scoring on the Pacers’ defense. They already lost game 1 at home, which is a really bad start to the series.

Another interesting development is the call up of Tyler Greene by the Chicago White Sox. He has played well when given the chance, and he certainly should stay on the active roster for the foreseeable future. Matt Wieters has improved on his stats recently and is starting to improve on his average. This slump has lingered longer than expected, but he still has a long season ahead of him and needs to avoid pressing.

The last two weeks have been eventful, but we are now heading into the summer, which means baseball, golf and the NBA playoffs will dominate our coverage. Make sure to come back and check out what you have missed as we gradually start to post again!



2013 NFL Mock Draft- Georgia Tech Edition

Since the NFL Draft is almost upon us, I figured it would be a nice time to do a mock draft. This will be a typical first round mock draft, but will also have projections for all of GTs potential drafted players. Do you agree or disagree with certain picks and projections? Let us know by commenting below! Continue reading

Mock Drafts in Agreement About Uzzi

Although mock drafts are meaningless to NFL GMs and scouts, who use their eyes to evaluate talent, they are still intriguing to NFL fans. They give the common fan an idea of where players are currently expected to go based off of the author’s “sources”. If one team falls in love with a player, however, there’s no telling where that player will be drafted (Bryan Anger to the Jags in the 3rd round). This could very well be the case with Omoregie Uzzi, who came into last season as a potential second day pick. After missing out on the entire pre draft process, his stock has dropped and he is a late round pick. Let’s take a look at where some of the mock draft websites have him going. Continue reading

NFL Draft Speculation

The NFL Draft is almost two weeks away, which means teams are starting to throw out smokescreens and rumors to confuse other teams. Sometimes they can actually be quite humorous when they poorly thought out and obviously false. We’re going to ignore all of this confusion, however, and look at Tech’s players in this years draft and where they should expect to go. Continue reading

Orwin Smith Scouting Report

Orwin Smith was a fan favorite during his time on campus, but that is irrelevant now that the NFL Draft is approaching. He was unable to attend the combine and didn’t participate in Tech’s pro day, which caused his draft stock to take a hit. The most important thing in the scouting process, however, is game tape, and Orwin has quite a bit of it. He was a key contributor in Tech’s offense for three years and has made many game-changing plays in his career. This scouting report will highlight his key strengths and weaknesses by looking at the first half of the Miami game from last season (I decided to spare everyone the second half) and a highlight video of his career. Below are the two videos respectively and he is #17 like always. Continue reading

Anthony Allen Signs His Tender

According to the Baltimore Sun, Anthony Allen has signed his exclusive rights tender. For those of you who don’t know, an exclusive rights tender is a contract a player must sign or else they can’t play in the NFL the next season. Therefore, Allen was obligated to sign the tender, although I am sure he doesn’t have a problem going back to the team he just won a Super Bowl with. He was a great special teams player for the Ravens last season, but I don’t see his role increasing beyond that next year. The Ravens have depth at RB with Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce, which will make it tough for him to see carries. It’s nice to see Allen back with the Ravens though, since they have treated him well during his time in the league.

Tashard Choice Is Headed Back to Buffalo

According to Tashard Choice’s Twitter, he is returning to Buffalo to play for the Bills. He’s heading back to an interesting situation in Buffalo, where they have a new head coach and don’t currently have a starting QB on their roster. The Bills also have Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller, so Choice may not see very many carries unless Jackson isn’t able to stay healthy. He now gets a chance, however, to play for a franchise he is comfortable with and should get an opportunity in training camp to get more carries. I haven’t seen any numbers for the contract he agreed to, but I would imagine he got a one or two year deal. I’ll let everyone know the specifics when they are released.

Omoregie Uzzi Scouting Report- Part 2

As many of you hopefully saw, I did Part 1 of Omoregie Uzzi’s scouting report a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, here it is. For Part 1, I used the Clemson tape from last season and highlighted many of his strengths and weaknesses. This time around I’ll be using the game tape from Georgia Tech’s ACC Championship Game contest against Florida State. This game should be more telling of Uzzi’s ability since they have more talent along their DL. Below is the video I will use for reference in this scouting report and Uzzi is #77 at RG like usual.


Uzzi’s first strength I pointed out from the Clemson game was his ability to dominate DL and push them back at the point of attack. Although it isn’t as noticeable in this game (given the increased competition), he is still able to control his blocks and get leverage on the DT. If you look at 15:20 in the video, Uzzi gets off the line well and pushes the DT back. He holds his block, which keeps the DT from arm tackling the B Back. Throughout the game, Uzzi shows the strength to play in the NFL and it should help him see some playing time early on.

In the Clemson game Uzzi didn’t get a chance to show his pull blocking and pass protection abilities, but luckily he was asked to do this more against FSU. At 27:50 in the video, Uzzi gets out of his stance and pulls to the left side of the line. He gets a block on the defender and takes him out of the play, opening up the field for the A back. Another example of his pull blocking is at 1:01:00, when Uzzi gets out of his stance and gets to the defender. He isn’t able to cut block the defender because the DE makes a better play to avoid the block. In this instance however, we are just looking at his ability to get out of his stance and pull with good footwork. He has impressive athleticism that helps him quickly get off the line and get into position to finish the block.

After watching the Clemson game, I had Uzzi’s pass protection down as an unknown, purely since he never had to in that game. Almost all of Tech’s passes were short routes where the ball was out of the QB’s hands in 2-3 seconds. In the ACC Championship game however, Tech was forced to pass the ball against better CBs, which means longer blocking for the OL. At 24:55, Uzzi stays in front of the DT by using his quick feet. He keeps his balance and maintains the block through the play. He does it again at 51:45, where he dominates the DT and holds his block. He did a great job of pass blocking during the ACC Championship game and he projects favorably to the NFL.


Much like the Clemson game, Uzzi played well against FSU. There isn’t much to critique after watching the tape, but there are a few minor issues he needs to work on. At 29:15 in the video, Uzzi gets thrown to the side by the DT, who ends up getting a tackle on the play. This is another example of Uzzi getting caught off balance. It could certainly be a problem going against NFL caliber DTs, but it doesn’t happen consistently enough to be a major concern. He also whiffed on a few cut blocks during the game, but he has all the ability to fix this problem (check out 26:40 and 51:10). In both plays, he completely eliminates the defender from the play, which is ultimately what you want all of your OL to do. Again, after watching the FSU video he doesn’t have many weaknesses in his game, which is why he is a two time First Team All-ACC guard.


Omoregie Uzzi is an extremely athletic OG who has the ability to become a starter in the NFL. He has been a successful football player at every level of competition so far in his career and I don’t see him slowing down. Had he not been injured for the combine, I believe he would be a 3rd or 4th round pick in the draft. Since he wasn’t able to perform for scouts, however, other players have risen ahead of him and he is now a 4th or 5th round pick. What also hurts Uzzi’s draft stock is the depth at the OG position this year. There are three or four potentially elite OGs in this year’s draft along with a few potential starters, which makes it harder for him to stand out. In the end, Uzzi dominated some of the best DL in the country throughout his career and I don’t see any legitimate reasons why he won’t succeed in the NFL.

Dawan Landry to the Jets?

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting that Dawan Landry visited the Jets yesterday afternoon. This is by no means a surprising location for Landry, since the Jets have a hole at the position after letting Dawan’s brother, Laron, leave in FA. If he were to sign with the Jets, he would settle in nicely, playing with a team that can generate a better pass rush than his former team, the Jaguars. That would allow him to play more instinctively instead of trying to cover people for longer than 3-4 seconds. He played well in Jacksonville the last two seasons, but his contract was ultimately too large for a rebuilding team to keep. Hopefully he gets a multiyear contract with a reasonable amount of money that will allow him to stick around for a while. I’ll let you know when I here anything definite about him signing with a team.